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Do we need to send you any documents and information about our token?

Yes, sure. We need to set up an agreement, and also your tech team needs to provide us with specific information about your coin.

What is the listing date?

When we signed the agreement and payment is successfully conducted, Exrates adds coin/token to the listing. It takes:
1. One week for Ethereum tokens
2. Two weeks for Bitcoin-based tokens
3. Two-three weeks for Ethereum fork tokens
4. Up to one month for unique developed coins or based on other cryptocurrencies

Do we need to give you our ticker?

Yes. You should give us the ticker that will be used for designation of your coin on the exchange.

Which pairs are included in the listing?

All packages have 3 pairings:
- Coin/BTC
- Coin/ETH
- Coin/USD.

Can we add more pairings? (e.g – LTC, Dash, EOS and others?)

Yes, it is possible. We have a special extra offer: you can add any 3 pairings you want!

Can we pay the listing fee in ETH

Short answer

Yes. You can pay in ETH

Do you have API?

Yes, you can find the Exrates API here:

Where will you make an announcement about the listing?

Follow our Telegram, Twitter and Facebook to see all the announcements!

For example, in the PDF it is said that you need something called 'PNG'. Do you mean a picture of our logo in PNG format?

Yes. You are right. JPEG format is also allowable.

What does 'test coins' mean? Do you require some of our tokens for testing? If so, how many?

There are 2 ways how we can do it. First is to take your ‘test coins’, if you really have them. If no, we will take your tokens to test the work, and after testing process we will return them back to you. We need the amount of coins which will be sufficient for at least 5 transactions with commission for auto-check.

Is the test amount related to the minimal amount required to have an account? If so, what is the minimal amount?

No, it isn’t related to it, because every coin has its own minimum of transactions. And we are not able to set the minimum amount.

Please provide the related document required.

You can find this information in the section Exrates Technical requirements.


After the payment is conducted, how soon will our token be hosted on the exchange?

Speed of listing depends on the type of token. We support all types of coins:
1. One week for Ethereum tokens
2. Two weeks for Bitcoin-based tokens
3. Two-three weeks for Ethereum fork tokens
4. Up to one month for unique developed coins or based on other cryptocurrencies


Who are your partners in multi-currency crypto wallets and P2P exchanges?

Among our partners there are Zumminer, and Bitlocal exchange


How about KYC?

Unfortunately, we don’t have KYC now. But we will add it in the future.

Do you involve in trading?

Yeah, we do this. But it’s an extra option. You can find all the information in the presentation.

What is your role on this?

Market-makers are those, who really play the key role. Exrates only provides the trading floor and opportunities to use it.

Do you have online support? How quickly do you update the information?

We offer you:
- Online support 24/7
- Real-time information update

How do you secure exchange from hacking?

We have two-factor authentication, and we carry out the security testing to find the breaches in the system. If there are some, we fix them immediately.

What is exactly 'volume maintenance'? Is it 3 BTC per day? How much volume approximately would you give us?

It depends on your plan of development. You will work it out with our clients manager. And after that we will provide full maintenance which is 3 BTC for 2 month.

What other market making services could you provide?

Our services also include:
- Daily trading volume maintenance (2 month - 3 BTC).
- Extra three pairings (1 BTC)

Does this mean Exrates has market making services?

Yes, we have our own market-makers. This could be daily trading volume maintenance: 2 months for 3 BTC. Also you can add extra three pairings for 1 BTC.


How much do Exrates charges for market-makers?

0% — this is the fee for market-makers.

Could you guarantee flexible payment and loyalty for your marketing ideas?

Yes, you could figure it out with Exrates management.

Are there any fees for market-makers?

The zero-fee period for market-makers lasts for one month after adding the coin/token into the listing of Exrates.

How much will market-makers pay, after the one-month zero-fee period?

Only 0.2% per order. No deposit fees are required.

What exactly does '24h daily trading volume for 3 BTC' and the 'add the futures for (0,5) BTC' fees mean?

24h daily trading volume maintenance costs 3 BTC during 2 months. Add the futures for (0,5) BTC' fees means that we can discuss futures trading. If we will be able to add it, you need to pay 0.5 BTC per each.