Meet fiat on Exrates in Q3!

Open account for $20 and get 0% commission

on outgoing payments in the Singapore Bank


Personal Bank Account

We provide personal bank account with 3rd party payment option to 231 countries.

Fast KYC

Automatic KYC process with outstanding support. Fully remote account opening.

Payment solution powered by

Singaporian bank with the same license as PayPal & Apple Pay.

Low commissions

Free of charge SEPA outgoing payments.

0% Transfer Fee

0% transfer fee between personal and trading account on Exrates

Up to $500,000 monthly

For VIP clients we provide special conditions for fiat deposit and withdraw.

How does ot work?

Open Exrates account

Still don’t have Exrates account?

Provide basic personal
Get your personal FUG

This is your personal account which you can use for instant fiat transfers to your Exrates trading account.

A more detailed description of the conditions is available on our financial partner page - FUG.