November monthly statementShort

It was a difficult month. Most altcoins were in flat against Bitcoin, and even BTC showed a trick like a 40% increase in a couple of days and a 60% drop after that. That's why we have lots of yellow lines on the sheet because we had to act more safely.

Dec / 02 / 2019 12:27 PM Monday


QTUM/USD Trading Ideas 11.29Short

The price is testing the cross of the 30-day and 60-day moving averages, all MAs look down and the only support on this chart is $1.5 where we saw the three-time bounce.

Nov / 29 / 2019 14:09 PM Friday


BAT/USD Trading Ideas 11.28Short

As you can see from the chart the price holds below all three moving averages. Bulls couldn't break the 200-day MA resistance, and now we are falling but it is not accompanied by volume, so supply pressure is not too high. Let's see will the bulls try to break the 200-day resistance again.

Nov / 28 / 2019 13:14 PM Thursday


TRX/USD Trading Ideas 11.27Short

The price holds below all three moving averages, all of them look down, so the picture looks pessimistically. Of course, we can show a little growth to get closer to the 30-day MA, but in general, the situation is bearish.

Nov / 27 / 2019 13:29 PM Wednesday


XLM/USD Update 11.27Short

Congrats those who sold XLM at the 0.070 levels, the target is reached. The deal profit is around 12%

Nov / 27 / 2019 13:25 PM Wednesday


ETC/USD Trading Ideas 26.11Long

The price is almost got the Dec 18 low, we don't see yet any surge of volume, so it seems like it is still not a panic sell and bulls don't show some demand on these levels.

Nov / 26 / 2019 15:47 PM Tuesday



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