ZEC/BTC Trading Ideas: 07/30

Jul / 30 / 2019 13:20 PM Tuesday

Here is a daily chart Zcash against Bitcoin

Seems like Zcash is always falling asset if we talking about the pair against BTC.

Indicators on the daily scale show different things, for now, but if RSI gets oversold zone and MACD still shows a divergence

it will be a nice opportunity to catch a countertrend

The 4 hr timeframe shows almost the same picture, RSI in the bearish zone but MACD already has formed the divergence

The market depth has a little ‘Bids’ advantage but the divergence ‘Bids’ with the price looks very good for bulls

The weekly MDR doesn’t differ a lot and looks bullish too


If you are bullish

Entry -0.007 (better if it is a false breakout) stop — 0.0067, take — 0.0076

If you are bearish

Entry — 0.00697, stop — 0.00716, take — 0.0066


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