Trading signals: results for July

Aug / 01 / 2019 12:05 PM Thursday

Hello everyone! Today we’d like to show you statistic for the last month. You saw our signals we've done day

by day and let’s see what do we have for the end of the mounth.


Here are all trades we've published:

As you can see from the screenshot some lines market green, some red, some yellow or blue:


- The green one means the target is reached, means that we were right and we got some profit. It also includes

‘Breakevens’ which takes 1% Usually it’s higher but we count 1% it is fair because we have some time difference.

Sometimes the targets reach even after we move our stop losses that’s why you can see 2 different columns with

1% and a different number near

- The red one means stop-loss. Here is everything should be clear we were wrong and got some losse

- The yellow one means the deal didn’t work. It is where we want to buy something at 90$ but the price didn’t get

there and stoped for example at 110$

- The blue one means the deal is still actual but the price can’t reach a level where we want to buy it


So we had 64 trades

Positive (green) — 28. In percentage is 293%

Negative (red) — 8. In percentage is 60%


Not bad right? It is a 4.88 ratio. But unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that you got 293% on your deposit, as well

as does not mean that the drawdown reached 60%

Here is depends on your risk management. If you were very conservative and took the risk not more than 1%

for every deal it means that you got 56% in general. And your drawdown couldn’t be more than 8% just because

of the 1:2 ratio.

Of course, you can see a chronology of all deals now and we see that you never got the 8% drawdown.

You could be more aggressive and took more risk accordingly got more profit so 56% was a minimum if you

were too conservative.


Congrats those who did trade with us that month we had amazing results and we hope that we can repeat it

this month!

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